A proven track record
of supporting technology leaders

There is a highly skilled, creative, and passionate group of employees that are found in nearly every industry, company, and office. They work best independently and are deeply passionate about the ins and outs of their trade. Their promise is high. But, their potential to excel in business is often sidelined by the conventional and limiting paths of their career.

They are coders – developers, technical architects, and consultants – and industry veteran Mark Beckner seeks to transform them from being skilled programmers to highly creative and effective entrepreneurs. In his new book, THE CODER’S PATH TO WEALTH AND INDEPENDENCE, Beckner advises coders who want to leave the corporate world and launch independent, fulfilling, and successful careers.

Shifting the conversation from the platforms, technical information, and development tools coders already possess to the skills needed to run one’s own business, Beckner’s book offers coders the missing piece –
a complete guide to understanding and executing the art of business.

Mark Beckner
Business Integration Specialist and
principal of Inotek Consulting Group

The Team

The Inotek Consulting team is a multidisciplinary virtual team of nationally and internationally recognized technology experts. Under Mark Beckner’s leadership they work together on complex technology projects, bringing their detailed expertise to bear in creating powerful and efficient solutions to problems. No project is too big or too small for this group of virtual resources!

I have to admit that I was star-struck by Mark, who is quite an accomplished expert and author. His wisdom and experience were very evident in every plan and suggestion he put forward. He wins the respect of his colleagues and clients very handily, and really knows how to be a team player. I respect Mark a great deal and I believe that I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have personally worked with him. I look forward to such opportunities in the future.

Anthony Mays, Consultant

We consider Mark the best of the best. He brings to the table so many things: a wide range of superior technical skills; the ability to communicate effortlessly with clients on complex issues; flexibility and responsiveness to clients; and many other attributes. He has demonstrated complete honesty and loyalty on numerous occasions. Mark exemplifies the absolute best of what an IT professional should be today.

Wayne Marshall VP, Professional Services EDI Specialists, Inc.

Getting to the experts is often half the battle when it comes to development efficiency and Mark has provided his expertise in a transparent, open fashion, enabling anyone to take advantage of BizTalk and its product lines.

William J. DeGasperis President iHCFA, LLC

Mark Beckner was essential in our start-up phase, without his expertise one of our most critical projects would have been months later than it was before we contracted his services. He quickly became the Gold standard as to who I judged all other contract work. If there was a critical project to be completed on time, we went outside of our internal resources and contracted Mark to ensure project success and stability

M.Plaza Fisker Automotive Senior Software Architect

Mark’s knowledge of both architecture and development were essential in building a solid application which is now highly visible to our most valued customers. Throughout the project he offered “best-practice” recommendations both at business and technical levels and demonstrated full understanding of our business requirements and delivered a high quality solution which not only met our needs but also greatly enhanced the exposure of our products and sales processes.

Dar Khalighi VP, Technology American Seafoods Group

Mark has worked with us on a wide variety of technologies, from Windows Phone development to Silverlight and CRM implementations. He consistently delivers the highest quality solutions, and is always available to talk through any business level strategy sessions that may be required. We continue to be unbelievably happy with his work.

Brian Paulen CEO, Madrona Solutions Group