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Inotek Consulting Group, led by enterprise solutions expert Mark Beckner, brings a multidisciplinary approach to building efficient solutions to complex problems for businesses of all sizes. 


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About Mark Beckner

Mark Beckner is an enterprise solutions expert with over 20 years of experience. He is the founder of Inotek Consulting Group, an experienced programmer and developer and the author of numerous technical books.

About Inotek

Inotek Consulting Group specializes in strategy and enterprise application integration for businesses of all sizes to transform the way they use technology. Mark and his small team provides end-to-end project service with a focus on SharePoint, Azure, Dynamics 365 and Integrations.

About Inotek

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Recent Press

The Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Your Next IT Project

October 1, 2018

Mark Beckner recently published an article for Entrepreneur.com on the Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Your Next IT Project. Mark elaborates that often times distance between management and involvement in IT deliverables can cost an organization time and money and a loss in staff, business, morale and respect.

This distance between management and involvement in the underlying deliverables can cost an organization not only time and money, but also a loss in staff, business, morale and respect. If you are in a position of leadership at a company and engaged in (or planning to engage in) a large IT project, here are three primary moves you should take to ensure that your project ends with success.

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What’s the Difference Between a CRM and a CDP? And Why You Should Care

CMS Wire
September 20, 2018


Mark Beckner of Inotek Consulting Group was recently featured in a CMS Wire article discussing CRM’s and CDP’s as well as their application towards businesses.

How does a business know whether or not they are a fit for a CRM system or CDP is a fit for your martech stack?

“For companies that primarily deal with a known customer base, and tangible business processes, such as creating quotes and orders for products sold, the most appropriate solution would be CRM,” Beckner said. “For businesses that reach large potential audiences, have a need to identify both known and unknown customers, and require primarily marketing functionality for reaching out and selling to these audiences, a CDP would be used.” — Mark Beckner of Inotek Consulting Group.


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4 Things to Do if Your CRM Stalls Short of True ROI

Destination CRM
September 15, 2018


An enterprise solutions expert with over 20 years of experience, Mark Beckner of Inotek recently wrote a piece for Destination CRM that included four tactics to immediately improve the value of your CRM Solution.

“You’ve invested a great deal of time and energy (and likely a small fortune!) in getting your company CRM environment set up and in production. You’ve migrated and uploaded your data, worked with internal staff and external vendors to ensure the business flow is accurately architected, purchased licenses, and worked with your users to make sure everyone is trained on how to the use system.

Unfortunately, even after all of this work, your CRM system is still functioning as little more than a glorified contact list! Your solution has fallen short of the investment you’ve put into it, and you need to figure out what steps you can take to leverage the true power of your CRM. You must make sure your investment of time and money has been a valuable one.”

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On the Road, Again? The Pros and Cons of Business Travel

August 1, 2018

There are two kinds of business travel – critical and non-critical. Engaging in critical business travel will transform and energize your business. Engaging in non-critical business travel will limit your ability to have a truly successful career and will detract from your overall life’s purpose and work.

Mark continues in a guest post to break down the different types of travel and the “9 Essential Rules of Business Travel”. To read the entire article, click here

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