A Party needs to be added to the BTAHL7 Configuration Explorer before Receive and Send Ports can work properly. The following process shows the location in the A01 message of the Party Name to be added and the steps to add the Party and configure acknowledgments.

Example A01Message: The highlighted Sending Application is the Party Name to be added.

  1. Open BizTalk Server Administration Console
  2. Expand BizTalk Group
  3. Right click Parties->New->Party
    1. Under General
      1. Rename Party1 to “SendingParty” from the example above
      2. Click Apply, Click OK
    2. Under Send ports
      1. Select “SendACKs” from the Name drop down list
    3. “SendingParty” is now located in Parties and Business Profiles
  4. Open BTAHL7 Configuration Explorer
    1. Located in Programs under Microsoft BizTalk 2013 Accelerator for HL7
    2. “SendingParty” is now Available to Configure
  5. Under Acknowledgement
    1. Select “Original Mode” for Acknowledgement type
    2. Click “Save”
  6. Under Validation
    1. Uncheck “Validate body segments”
      1. This will reduce the amount of errors the HL7 pipeline will pick up
    2. Click “Save”
  7. Restart the BizTalk Host Instance under Platform settings
  8. Drop the following ADT^A01 Sample file in the ReceiveADTA01Location:
    PID|9|M11|M11||JOHN^DOE^A^JR||19310615|M||C|303 Test DRIVE^TestCITY^CO^81505|GL|(919)555-5555|(919)555-5555||M|A|M11|987654321|143257NC
  9. Notice the Acknowledgment in the SendACKs folder
    1. MSA-1 is the type of Acknowledgment
      1. AA – Application Accepted
      2. AE – Application Error
        1. ERR segment will follow with Segment – field error information
      3. AR – Application Rejected
    2. MSA-2 is the Message Control Id and can be used to find the Original Message. It is located in MSH.10_MessageControlId

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