Endless opportunities for developers breaking out on their own

Software Development Times,
January 22, 2015

Mark Beckner of Inotek Consulting Group was featured as a guest writer for the Software Development Times on the trend in the technical industry for experienced programmers to leave the security of the nest of employment and move into independence.

“If you are serious about going independent, and want to reap the associated benefits, there are several key actions that you must take in order to separate yourself from the trap of the feast-or-famine model.”

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The One Key Thing These Workplace Gurus Recommend Doing Each Day for Business Success

January 19, 2015

Jesse Sostrin, author of ‘The Manager’s Dilemma”, and guest writer for Entrepreneur comprised a piece where he asked several experts the following question: What’s the one thing you try to do every day in the pursuit of success?

Mark Beckner of Inotek Consulting Group on how focus is the key to success:

“Focus on what you want out of life, your goals and aspirations. Let your business support your personal growth. Never let it be all-encompassing. Give generously in private, pursue win-win relationships, focus on efficiency in your work and spend time in thought and learning. Taking these actions will ensure your personal and public successes, lead to wealth and make you an asset to the world.”

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For Your Holiday Reading List: ‘The Coder’s Path to Wealth and Independence’

IT Business Edge ,
December 22, 2014

Don Tennant of IT Business Edge reviewed Mark Beckner’s of Inotek Consulting Group’s book, “The Coder’s Path to Wealth and Independence”.

“If you’re in the programming trenches and you dream of climbing out, take heart: According to one coder-turned-entrepreneur, there’s actually a way for programmers to make it big by venturing out on their own. He even wrote a book to show you the way.”

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Coder, sell thyself

Computer World,
December 17, 2014

Mark Beckner of Inotek Consulting Group wrote in Computer World, “Many highly skilled coders limit themselves to obscurity or the bonds of employment because they are afraid of selling their own services. They have an inherent fear of sales and of being a salesperson. What they don’t realize is that with a shift in thinking and some business building activities, they can win clients, launch a prosperous and independent business, and experience high levels of personal and professional freedom without ever having to sell to anyone.”

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