Building Large B2B Integration Solutions on Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010

In this session, we discuss the B2B space, and how BizTalk can help customers manage their B2B processes, partner relationships, etc. BizTalk Server 2010 boosts developers productivity and reduce the time it takes to implement and modify B2B solutions. Improvements include a new mapper for transforming XML documents, new and enhanced adapters (FTPS and FTP). In particular for B2B integration solution the new Trading Partner Management (TPM) portal is discussed and demonstrated. We also discuss the enhancements in this area in BizTalk 2010 and share our vision and roadmap in this space for future BizTalk releases. We demo new features in BizTalk 2010!

EDI and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2: Successful Trading Partner Management

The vast majority of B2B commerce is done using the EDI standard, and this continues to increase annually. Organizations are looking at ways to migrate their current solutions to more scalable, robust, and affordable enterprise platforms which will support this increasing workload. As the primary contender in this space, BizTalk Server 2006 R2 has extensive capabilities for supporting EDI, and it is essential to have the skills necessary to architect and develop BizTalk EDI solutions. This session gives an overview of the role that BizTalk parties play in EDI processing and explores in detail, through walkthroughs and real-world scenarios, the most effective means of configuring and managing trading partners. Key takeaways from this session include best practices in implementing trading partners in BizTalk EDI solutions, understanding the difficulties associated with managing large numbers of trading partners, and considerations to take into account when scaling in order to support these larger implementations.

RFID using BizTalk