EDI Integration Success: Planning, Implementation, and Deployment
By Mark Beckner

EDI is ubiquitous—accounting for nearly 90% of B2B integrations—yet EDI can be complex to envision, develop, and deploy. In this audio book, Mark Beckner, a leading expert on Microsoft BizTalk Server and EDI integrations, offers invaluable guidance on how to achieve a successful EDI integration. Beckner starts with a high-level overview of EDI and then dives in to resourcing, planning, development, and deployment—everything you need to get your EDI implementation off the ground and running.Length – 50:00
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RunAs Radio

Richard and Greg talk to Mark Beckner about using BizTalk Server for Integration. The discussion explore understanding the integration needs of an organization as a whole, how BizTalk can be utilized without development and how Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has improved in BizTalk Server 2006 R2.

Length – 36:43
Run As Radio – Mark Beckner